English Language Support

With many students new immigrants to Canada, Ben’s International Driving School focuses on providing English language support to enrich each student’s learning environment.  We provide targeted language learning materials and instructions specific to the trucking industry which is highly beneficial for students who are pursuing careers in this field. Our small sized learning group ensures customizing the instruction to the specific needs at each proficiency levels of the students ability. Each individual has unique challenges and learning styles, so we adapt to you accordingly. By offering extra explanations, clear pronunciation, and a supportive learning environment, we help individuals improve their English language skills effectively.

Industry Vocabulary: We compile a comprehensive list of industry-specific words, phrases, and expressions related to the trucking industry. This includes terms related to different types of trucks, equipment, road regulations, logistics, and transportation procedures. We create flashcards, glossaries, and visual aids to facilitate learning and retention of these vocabulary items.

Listening Exercises: Our instructors are native English language speakers with clear pronunciation. They enunciate words clearly and slowly, which help students understand the correct pronunciation of words and phrases. We provide video recordings as examples for learners to listen to and practice, which incorporate with industry-related conversations, instructions, or announcements. These exercises help students improve their listening comprehension skills and familiarize themselves with different accents and speech patterns commonly encountered in the trucking industry.

Communication Skills: We emphasize effective communication skills required in the trucking industry. This includes teaching students how to interact with dispatchers, clients, fellow drivers, and others. We provide practice scenarios and role-playing exercises that simulate real-life communication situations commonly encountered in the industry.

Reading Materials: We provide reading materials, such as articles, manuals, and industry-related publications, that focus on the trucking industry. This will expose students to authentic language usage in their field of interest. We provide comprehension questions and discussions based on these materials to enhance understanding and critical thinking skills.

Simplify Complex Concepts: We break down complex language concepts into simpler terms and provide step-by-step explanations, and gradually build their understanding.

Patience and Encouragement: Our patient instructors navigate the complexities of the English language, encourage students to keep practicing and assure them that progress takes time. The supportive and positive learning environment boosts students’ confidence and motivation.

Examples and Contextualization: We offer plenty of examples and real-life situations to demonstrate the usage of words, phrases, and grammar structures. Contextualizing language in relevant scenarios helps students grasp the practical application of what they’re learning.

Practice Opportunities: We provide exercises, activities, and interactive tasks to reinforce learning. This includes written exercises, speaking practice, quizzes and exams. We encourage students to actively engage with the language to solidify their understanding.

Real-Life Scenarios: We provide videos of real-life scenarios that truck drivers encounter, such as dealing with vehicle breakdowns, communicating with law enforcement, or handling customer service situations. Discuss these scenarios in the classroom allowing students to practice their language skills in context.

Cultural Awareness: We teach integrate cultural aspects related to the trucking industry, such as transportation regulations and practices in different countries (USA) or regions / states. This helps students develop cultural sensitivity and adaptability, which are crucial skills for working in the global trucking industry.

Industry Guest Speakers: We invite guest speakers from the trucking industry, such as graduates or industry professionals, to share their knowledge and experiences. This provides students with firsthand insights into the language and challenges they may encounter in their future careers.

Feedback and Corrections: We offer constructive feedback and corrections to students’ written and spoken English. Provide explanations for mistakes and guide them on how to improve. This helps learners identify their weaknesses and work on specific areas for growth.