Class 1 course

Looking for a Class 1 driver training course to start a new profession in truck driving? Come to us for the licensing. Our class 1 training courses in Winnipeg provide you with a complete understanding of what to expect as a professional driver and ensures you meet all required safety standards.  Drivers are in very high demand in Manitoba.  There has never been a better time to build your skills and start a career as a professional driver. We provide detailed one-to-one instruction, and put you in the driver’s seat in a variety of challenging environments to learn how best to navigate these complex driving situations. The Class 1 driver training course is one of our most popular, so we recommend you sign up for this course as early as possible as it tends to fill up quickly. If you’re unsure about your level or have questions, simply reach out.  Call us today!

Mandatory Entry Level Training Program (MELT)


Full-Time / Part-Time



The MELT course will run for 3 weeks full time and consists of:

40 hours in the classroom, 40.5 hours in-yard, and 41 hours on road driving

Road test appointment can be made after completion of the MELT program.

Class 1 Professional Truck Driver Training Program


Full-Time 6 Week Program




The Class 1 Truck Driver Training Course consists of:

80 hours in the classroom, 80 hours in-yard / in-cab, and 80 hours observation, 2 practical exam attempts at MPI

Funded Class 1 Driver Training opportunities are available for those who qualify. In order to determine if you meet the eligibility criteria, you need to visit your local Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development Centre. Their locations can be found here:

About The Class 1 Driver Training Course

We offer both MELT (121.5 hours) and 244 hours courses in small group, so that personal attention is provided.

MELT can be full-time from 8:30-5:00 Monday to Friday. One week classroom, one week yard practice, and one week driving.

Part-time MELT is also available. Scheduling is made upon personal requirements.

Both Class 1 courses provide two road test opportunities.

We provide one to two hours in classroom refreshing on Class 5 knowledge, as many students, especially international students fail their class 1 road test with class 5 mistakes.

Requirement for enrollment

Complete both Class 1 and Airbrake knowledge tests with MPI, as well as medical check

If you need more practice and more test attempts after the course is completed, there is a Driver Finishing Program to consider. We provide private lessons to polish your skills and to help identify your needs. Regardless of which school you are graduated from, we bring you to the success. We have helped a lot of students from different schools to succeed over the years.

More About Class 1 Government Funding

Government Funding is provided for 244 hours students who are qualified. If you are a permanent resident or Canadian citizen with more than one-year full-time work contribution, we can help with the funding application process. This 6-weeks course contains two weeks in classroom, two weeks in yard practice, and two weeks driving.

How to choose which course is suitable for you?

MELT is focused for licensing. If you have your own or family business, just need to upgrade your license for business development, MELT is the one for you.

244-hour course is designed for professional drivers who is willing to drive trucks as a career, which means you will work for a transportation company running regional or to the US.

Company Driver Performance Evaluations

We evaluate company drivers in light with the company policies. We will issue a Professional Driver Performance Evaluation Report or we will perform the task according to the company’s documentation.

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