A professional driving career can be a rewarding career for new immigrants to Canada with good pay and flexible lifestyle. Moreover, the increasing demands of professional truck drivers set the stage for you to leap into this worthwhile job. However, if you think the basic driving skill is all it takes to have a successful career as a truck driver, you are mistaken. A good truck driving school is what you need to start your career on the right foot.

A good truck driving school will not only train you for your driving test but also enable you to graduate and come out as a skilled professional that companies are looking to hire. But not all driving schools are cut from the same cloth. With a number of options out there with varied costs, time commitment and depth of training, it can be difficult to decide on a good driving school to attend.

Here’s some tips to help you choose a great driving school in order to land a great career for your future.


  • Instructor’s Experience

The experience of the instructor plays a crucial role in a training program. An experienced truck driver knows how to handle a truck, but maybe not experienced in teaching. A good instructor knows what you need from your response to each instruction given, and to coordinate his instructions tailored to your requirements. The time for practice is limited, only the effective and deepest instructions can lead your training success.

Ben was trained for three years in the college as a driving instructor, and has 27 years instructor experience. His educational psychology background customises his instruction according to your learning style, which allows you to gain the most makes your training efficiently successful.

  • Flexibilities of Scheduling

Professional truck driver training is a program with either 121.5 hours, three weeks, or 244 hours, six weeks to complete for 8 hours per day full time training.

If you do not want to quit your current job or study for the CDL training, you need a flexible driving school.

Ben’s International Driving School has the most flexible training scheduling system, which helps with your professional driving licensing without any interfering to your current life. Contact Rachel at 2045830980 for detail.

  • Go for a state accredited training school

Advertisement is a way exposure business. However, Canadians respect the business reputation rather than advertisement.  So, it is better to choose a truck driving school that is state accredited. It is not advised to choose a truck driving school that just popped up last week. In fact, you should go for the one that’s been around for a while. Also, the reputation of the school matters. Consider the schools with a good reputation.

Ben’s International Driving School is established in 2010, and is accredited by Better Business Bureau.

  • Check out the facilities

Before reaching any conclusion, make sure to visit the school in person and check out the facilities. Talk to the staff and the trainer and take a look at the trucks and trailers they provide for trainees. Vehicle condition tells you how the school or the instructor takes care of their business, and also is one of the most important factors of your training quality. The top qualitied driving school must provide the training vehicle with best conditions.

  • Costs

The cost of the training program matters to both sides. It should not be the sole deciding factor when choosing a driving school. Don’t settle for the CDL driving school you find with a tempting cheapest program fee. The training structure is regulated by the government, that means the basic cost for all driving schools are set at the same level. Be careful with the one below average cost, the training quality might be the lowest as well, however, you would not find that until you have spent the time and money. Cost doesn’t always speak of the quality, but all the abovementioned factors increase the schools’ management fees. You would never expect the best training with lowest costs. You pay for what you get.